IELTS-Classes-in Sri-Lanka-–-For-Band-Score-7-and-above-contact-AK.Nathan.
   IELTS Classes in Sri Lanka – For Band Score 7 and above contact AK Nathan.
IELTS-Classes-in-Sri-Lanka IELTS-Classes-in-Sri-Lanka IELTS-Classes-in-Sri-Lanka IELTS-Classes-in-Sri-Lanka IELTS-Classes-in-Sri-Lanka IELTS-Classes-in-Sri-Lanka
Mr. Roshanjith Sriniwasa

Overall Band Score 8.5

"Following Mr. A. K. Nathan's course of study i was able to raise my score by 8.5 band. His unique method of teaching enabled me to gain a fantastic score. Mr. A. K. Nathan is the ideal lecturer for any one who is looking for a big score in IELTS."
Shehan Chinthaka Overall Band Score 8.5

"At the very first class I found Mr. A. K. Nathan is a powerful IELTS trainer who can train anybody to achieve very high score. No wonder I achieved 8.5 band score".


Jayaweknesh Overall Band Score 8.5
"I am very thankful to IELTS Teacher for helping me to score 8.5 bands in my IELTS Examination. The faculty here is very experienced and really helps students on removing improving their mistakes and simplifies their difficulties and motivating them to score more".
Raveen Indika Mendis Overall Band Score 8.5

" Since I got 8.5, I got the highest points when I applied for permanent residence in Australia and I was granted residence in March.  ".

Ms. Nisha Overall Band Score 8
"Believe it or not. I followed IELTS Crash course under Mr. A. K. NATHAN and scored 8.0 BAND. On the very first day i realized that Mr. A. K. Nathan is a specialist and his methods are fantastic".
Mr. Subri Overall Band Score 8
"I never imagined that i could reach 8.0 band score. Mr. A. K. Nathan's step by step methods enriched me in a short period".
Ms.Shimara Overall Band Score 8
"I am extremely happy about my IELTS Success. Thank you very much".
Balapuwaduge Raveen Indika Overall Band Score 8

"IELTS Trainer is better than others in providing the state of the art technology and expert guidance under constant supervision".

John Amrith Nishan Ratnatunga Overall Band Score 8

"It was so pleasant to become to be a student for a while. Our teacher is really great and we did a lot's of topics I needed to study, even I study for a short period."

Dr. Manoharan Overall Band Score 8

" Thanks a lot for your help and I thinks this is the best way of studying for the IELTS exam and its affordable too. I will recommend your course to anybody without any hesitation”

Ms. Udeni Overall Band Score 7.5
"I must say that Mr. A. K. Nathan class is very interesting . He covers all the modules with perfect balance".
Dr. S M Dharma Kumari Overall Band Score 7.5

" I wish to thank Mr. A. K. Nathan for teaching me and helping me to score a good band  in IELTS. He is a very talent and experience teacher to bring out best out of the student. The mock exams conducted by him before the real exam is very useful to the students".     

Sharminie Overall Band Score 7.5

"I enjoyed the lessons and the accommodation. This was a good experience".

Dr. Kalani Prabha Overall Band Score 7.5

"I feel that IELTS Teacher is a specialist in bring out the best from the student if not for him I would not have reached this big score. I’m very thankful to him".

David Dilshan Overall Band Score 5 (14 year old)

“Really I need band score for general for my migration purpose with my parents’ mistakenly I resisted for academic exam. However A. k Nathan sir took the challenge and takes me academic lesson and mead it possible to take 5 band score. It’s a wonderful teacher who can come down the knowledge level of the student and bring out best result. Even my parents didn’t believe that I could able to take 5 band score in academic module as the age of 14”.  

Dr. Baskar . Overall Band Score 7
"Mr. A. K. Nathan Result oriented teacher. He helped me to gain 7.0 Band in all four components and enable me to get my target".
Mary Srimalie Overall Band Score 7

"It was a very good experience studying here. Mr. A . K. Nathan is a wonderful teacher who can make an impossible into a possible situation thank you very much sir ".

vithiyananthy Overall Band Score 7

“It has been a great experience of my life and I have improved my English level dramatically while learning IELTS.”

Ajantha L Predeep Wasana Overall Band Score 7

"I've had an incredible time and made a lot of new friends. And I also think that A. K. Nathan Sir is a very great teacher. The method of teaching and a support given in IELTS lesson help me to achieve the target I needed. Thank you very much".  

Thamaru Lahirunee Overall Band Score 7

"I want to thank Nathan Sir for valuable guidance .He is very dedicated and hard working teacher. His motivation helps me to achieve a good score in Ielts".

Dr. R Geethamala Priyanganie Overall Band Score 7
"Mr. A .k. Nathan helped me to clear all my doubts regarding Ielts. All the modules were taught and practiced in the class. It gave me a lot of confidence on the day of the test. Regular mock tests helped me to improve my speed and performance".
Dr. Vyhunthan Overall Band Score 7

" I always wanted to go abroad and this dream was fulfilled because of the highest score achieved by me. Mr. A.K. Nathan is a very powerful teacher an expert to bring out best out of a student".   

K A Chandrani Overall Band Score 7

" I owe my success to IELTS Trainer as the help and guidance provided by him. He made my dreams come true".

Ravi Kumar Overall Band Score 7

“Very good quality of teaching, nice people, I felt comfortable”

Leoniza Overall Band Score 7

"Thanks a lot for all your support, without which I would not have achieved this big score that I needed desperately. I’m very much relieved". 

Anil Rohitha Overall Band Score 7

"A . K. Nathan‘s  institute is the best place for 8 and above the band scores. The teaching methodology and effective illustrations given in the classes could make anybody reach a higher score. The teacher’s guidance and preparation here is awesome".

Sharnyah Overall Band Score 7

" Thanks a lot for your help and I thinks this is the best way of studying for the IELTS exam and its affordable too. I will recommend your course to anybody without any hesitation”